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From Ideation to Investment-ready

Jumpstart your Web3 startup with a supportive and fast-growing community.

Our hands-on bootcamp is tailored for talented entrepreneurs who are determined to turn their Web3 business ideas into Investment Ready Startups!

We provide you with co-founder matching, startup classes, workshops, and 1 on 1 mentorship offering everything founders need to build a team and solid Web3 startup core to get fast-tracked to Stacks Ventures Accelerator for growth and raising funds.


BTC Ordinals have shown that NFTs are more valuable on Bitcoin. Our Web3 startup bootcamp is designed to enable you to transform your Web3 idea into an Investment Ready Startup!

By 2023 Q4, we will train 300 Web3 startup teams to lead the Web3 revolution. The top teams will be fast-tracked into our downstream partner, the Stacks Ventures Accelerator where you will get more funding and learn how to raise capital from tier 1 global crypto and blockchain investors!

Here is what we provide to members of our startup program:
Talent Pool:
Find co-founders with talent that is complimentary to your talents. If you are strong on tech side, find a co-founder strong at marketing and community. If you are strong on the business side, find a co-founder strong in tech.

Get group and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions from Web3 experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, and investors.

Meet supportive peers who also believe in a truly decentralized Web3. Find your co-founder, build your team. Network with founders, engineers, marketers, mentors, and investors.
Essential Knowledge:
Learn startup science from proven methods. Learn explosive and sustainable Web3 business models to engineer your startup roadmap.

Essential Workshops:
Apply the tools to build a solid startup core, poised for Web3 growth and investment.

Essential Web3 :
Learn what Web3 decentralized applications can do. Apply Stacks Blockchain technology to unleash the power of the truly decentralized user owned internet on Bitcoin.
Structured Milestones:
We provide you with a structured approach, tools, and deliverables to not only stay on track with your startup milestones, but also build momentum to get the Fast Track.

Fast Track:
Founders/Teams who achieve the bootcamp milestones will be fast-tracked into the Stacks Ventures Accelerator where you will continue to receive mentorship to grow your startup and get 1-on-1 coaching to raise capital from over 300 top tier Web3 investors.

Who should apply?

You should apply if you are looking to turn your idea or business into a Web3 Investment Ready Startup which means you need to achieve the following startup milestones:

  • Materialize the Web3 user-owned Internet with a supportive community
  • Validate if your idea is good enough to go all in on
  • Team up with talented co-founder(s) to build your startup together
  • Find “Product Market Fit”! You don’t have a product or your product is not yet good enough to attract repeat users and healthy word of mouth
  • Build a blockchain-enabled Web3 product
  • Find best market entry point where customers are excited to use your innovative product
  • Get more traction from users and customers from social media
  • Create a thriving community around your Web3 product
  • Design the right Web3 business model & Tokenomics for your Startup
  • Transform your web2 business into a Web3 startup
  • Build and investment-ready startup hat will be envied by professional investors

If you are looking to learn the mindset, skills, and tools to achieve the above in a scientific way, we invite you to apply. We invite everyone who is ambitious enough to want to get the fast track in entrepreneurship to apply. We are here to enable you to build the foundation you need for growth and fundraising on your Web3 startup journey!

This program is for top-tier talent who want to build their blockchain-enabled Web3 Startup with other highly motivated entrepreneurs.
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BTC STARTup Bootcamp Fees & Details

Cohort 4:

Who should apply: Our BTC startup bootcamp is designed to enable you to transform your idea or business into a Web3 Investment Ready Startup!

Fees*: The upfront fees will be covered by the Startup Lab, Stacks Accelerator, and Stacks Foundation.
*See Fee Details after the schedule below

Track 1 - Self-Learning*: Just for applying, you gain access to our curated entrepreneurs Web3 community as well as training content, for a limited time, to develop your skills and build your Web3 startup. *Our community rules will apply: We reserve the right to refuse service to those who are not committed to becoming the best versions of themselves!

Track 2 - Immersive Bootcamp: If you pass the application and interview process, you get into the fast-track program. This is a program that utilizes your time during weekends and off-work hours to help you transform into the best version of yourself, so that you and your co-founders may create a Web3 startup worthy of investment and fast growth.

Web3 Immersion Program Deliverables and Milestones - Our BTC Startup Lab Fast Track Curriculum is designed to enable you to achieve:
  1. Validate an idea worthy of a startup
  2. Web3 Early adopters, biggest pain points, market entry point
  3. Web3 differentiators and competitive analysis
  4. Create Web3 business model
  5. Web3 Incentive mechanisms
  6. Web3 user traction on social media
  7. Web3 community around your product
  8. Tokenomics Design
  9. How to apply for grant money
  10. Web3 proof of concept and MVP with blockchain tech
  11. Web3 user experience iteration towards product market fit
  12. Get into the Stacks Ventures Accelerator with funding (grow fast and raise capital from top-tier investors & funds)

Duration: Cohort 4
Part 1: May 9 – Jun 9, 2023
Part 2: Jun 10 – Aug 4, 2023*
*Upon achieving Part 1 milestones.

Application Deadline: Don't miss the April 22, 2023 deadline!
Note: Applications submitted after this date will be put into the queue for the next startup bootcamp!

Cohort 4 Launch Date: May 9th, 2023. Our live classes, workshops, and 1-on-1 mentoring sessions will begin at this time.

Handoff to Stacks Accelerator & Ventures: During the last 2 weeks of our program, we enable you to prepare your final presentation to be presented to Stacks Accelerator & Ventures. Those who achieve the bootcamp milestones will be fast-tracked into the application process for the Stacks Accelerator & Ventures.

What to Look Forward for being a Member of our BTC Startup Lab Community:
1. Our intention is to evolve the BTC Startup Lab into an NFT gated entrepreneurs’ community, then evolve to launch our own token, and then become a Startup DAO with more funds to invest into our best teams before they are ready to raise venture capital funding. <Roadmap coming in 2022Q4>

2. Our plan is to expand this program to reach as many founders as possible and to help them build the future of Web3 on Bitcoin.

3. In order to achieve this, we need to create a sustainable model that has shared success and upside for potential investors in the DAO. By having "skin in the game" we are even more invested in your success, so if you are successful so will be the DAO and our community.

4. For this reason, we have a "services for equity model." While we do not charge founders cash for the cost of the program, instead we ask for a reasonable amount of equity based on your startup's valuation at the start of the program. Instead of taking a fixed % of equity like other programs, we value the services provided by the program at $55,000, discounted by the funding we have received from Stacks Foundation. This is in-line with similar pre-accelerators in the industry.

5. This "services for equity" is done through a simple SAFE agreement and side letter for companies who are already incorporated, or through an MOU for participants or teams who have yet to incorporate.

We Look forward to empowering you on your Web 3 Startup Journey!
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  • "We love fast tracking entrepreneurs who graduate from the BTC Startup Lab because they are ready to hit the ground running at our Accelerator and raise capital!"
    Trevor Owens
    Managing Partner at Stacks Ventures Accelerator
  • "It helps so much to have someone leading you in the very early stages of the journey of an entrepreneur. With the BTC Startup Lab, you have someone who motivates you, gets you to believe in yourself, and also prevents you from giving up. Without the BSL I wouldn't be where I am now!"
    CEO & Co-founder of NFT2LOAN
  • "As a founder with two exits and vast experience with various acceleration programs, I can confirm that this is the best program I have ever seen. If we talk about which grant can give the most value per dollar invested, then this one should definitely be among the leaders. In my opinion, this program is one of the strongest competitive advantages of Stacks over other blockchains in terms of attracting founders. Our team will definitely recommend it to all the founders we know."
    CEO & Co-founder of Stacks Force
  • "I cannot imagine a better way for aspiring founders/developers to become fully immersed with the ecosystem and its unique advantages in such a short period of time. Having gone through the program already, I can say that the quantity and quality of resources made available to the cohort were immeasurably helpful. Mentors remain dedicated to helping us succeed and have a well-earned understanding of how to establish a strong foundation for lean, early-stage startups."
    CEO & Co-founder of Bitflow

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